Singapore's largest student-run hackathon

Hack&Roll is NUS Hackers' annual 24-hour hackathon, and the largest student-run hackathon in Singapore. In the spirit of hacking, we celebrate not just the most useful products, but also reward projects that are "awesome but useless" and for factors such as sheer overall coolness.

It will be happening at Cinnamon-Tembusu Dining Hall, on 18 and 19 January 2020. It is completely free to attend, and students from all levels are welcome.

There are no limits or themes to the hacks.

Registration, along with more details about the event, can be found at

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This hackathon is open to:

  • Students in any educational institution, anywhere from primary school to graduate studies
  • Anyone awaiting entry into an educational institution (including NSFs and PhD candidates)

Students studying in overseas institutions are welcome, but we cannot provide assistance (e.g. visa, accommodation) in getting to Singapore.

Non-students are welcome but will not be eligible for prizes.


Build anything you want. Hardware projects are more than welcome!


28 judges from diverse backgrounds

28 judges from diverse backgrounds

Judging Criteria

  • Awesomeness
    Somewhat equivalent to impressiveness. We've come to realise that specific criteria don't work very well, but it is clear that in every hackathon, the best projects always stand out.